Sunday, May 10, 2009

Laura's College Graduation

Saturday, I went with my parents to the University of Montevallo to watch my little sister graduate from college. I just can't believe she's old enough to be a college graduate. I'm so proud of her.

Laura in line ready to get her diploma.

Getting her diploma

The proud graduate

Me and Laura

My parents and I with Laura

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AJ's injury

AJ got his first really bad boo boo yesterday. He was playing on the furniture and slipped and fell, smashing his lip and nose on the table. There was so much blood, I really thought he had broken his nose. But he perked up after a couple hours and was playing. This is what he looks like today. I've been calling him Rudolph.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow Day 09

The best snow we've had in two years.


AJ & Daddy building a snowman


AJ and Chewie

AJ loves Chewie (he calls him Ruff Ruff). You can tell that Chewie just tolerates him. I love it.

AJ and Chewie

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AJ's first dentist appt

You can tell just how excited AJ is about seeing the dentist!!

Not real sure about opening his mouth. He did really well though.

The only thing he didn't like was laying back in the chair.

His favorite thing to do was spit out the water and then refill the cup.

Over all he did very well. He wouldn't let the dental assistant floss his teeth, but she said that was pretty normal and he did better than most children his age.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas morning we normally have all the family over for brunch and rush to open our own gifts before everyone gets here. This year, with me and AJ having bronchitis and some other family issues, we postponed brunch until the day after Christmas. So AJ had plenty of time to tear into all his gifts. This was the first year he has gotten into opening gifts. He went right for the biggest one first.

Trey got him this viewmaster. It brought back so many memories. I wish I could find my old one. AJ got pictures of dinosaurs and his favorite - SpongeBob.

He really didn't know what the stocking was so I had to show him that were actually gifts inside it and then he was digging to the bottom to make sure he got everything.

One of his favorite stocking items, candy topped with a toy!!

We gave AJ this bike. Its stationery and plugs into the TV. Not only is it good for exercise, but its educational as well. As he peddles, it drives down the road making him find things like colors and shapes. Right now though, he'll only peddle backwards. We're working on the forward thing.

Probably his favorite toy of the year - a wheel barrel. If you know AJ, you know how he loves to push anything on wheels. He loads and unloads toys ALL day long. His Mammy (his great-granmother) gave him this for Christmas. We have plans to put him to work with it this spring. :)