Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday AJ!

Today is AJ's birthday so I wanted to share a few pics from the day.

AJ wanted to get into that cake all morning.

He was much better at opening gifts this year than last year. But, of course, as soon as he opened one gift, he just wanted to play with it and not open the others.

AJ, how old are you today? And he responded with holding up one finger on each hand and then clapping about it. (too cute!) Also, wearing the new shirt his Uncle Ben gave him for his birthday - Trey loves it too!

Hanging out with Aunt "Je" Nina.

He got a tickle me elmo, but wasn't too sure of it in the beginning. When Elmo would roll over, AJ would climb into my lap. He did decide that he was ok after a while though.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful little boy a mom and dad could ever have. We love you AJ!!